Interactive Museum Displays

OpenEye Global executes tailored interactive displays that present your museum in a way that’s inclusive to more demographics, educational for more complete and specialized histories, and entertaining for memorable experiences.

Some people aren’t interested in having a tour guide lead them through the exhibit highlights. Do guides offer unrivaled expertise about the histories of every piece of art, fossil, or oddity in your museum? Undoubtedly. Qualified professionals aren’t the subject we’re debating here. From a user-centric mindset, not everyone wants to have their hand held through their museum experience. What parts are they interested in? How do they want to spend their time? Interactive museum displays are a medium that allows visitors to transform their experience through self-driven personal choice, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the exhibits of their choosing without sacrificing education, entertainment, or fulfillment.

Interactive Museum Displays

Even if your visitors spend all day at the museum, the chances that they’ll get to everything isn’t likely if they want a truly fulfilling experience. Taking their time to appreciate the exhibits at their leisure is the mark of a rewarding museum design experience. However, ensuring that it’s accessible to the widest possible audience needs the dedicated skill sets of a team well-versed in interactive design philosophy and implementation. OpenEye Global executes tailored solutions to present your museum in a way that’s inclusive to more demographics, educational for more complete and specialized histories and entertaining for memorable experiences.

What Makes a Museum Interactive?

Putting every feature in your museum safely tucked behind a glass wall is a critical ingredient for renovating a museum experience that’s already been done countless times before. There’s nothing innovative there, nothing engaging. Boldly integrating new ways for your audience to interact with museum set-pieces sets a precedent for influencing the holistic experience.

Implementing new exhibits, like Sea Life’s permanent turtle kiosk, invites visitors of all ages to learn about sea turtle habitats, rehabilitation, environment, anatomy, and more through tactile experience. Physical engagement promotes better knowledge retention and fosters a greater level of appreciation for the museum as a whole.

Finding the right solution for making your exhibits appeal through physical interaction requires outside-the-box thinking processes. The OpenEye Global team is a small team of experts from a diverse array of backgrounds and disciplines. Keeping our framework nimble and compact allows us to provide strategized creative solutions through in-depth collaboration, resulting in faster turnaround for innovative exhibits that accurately reflect your vision. The sky’s the virtual limit for how interactive museum displays can impact audience engagement, immersion, education, and guidance.

Consider how each aspect of your museum may be safely replicated for physical interaction. Some solutions might be:

  • Organized museum navigation maps
  • Detailed, categorized information on exhibits
  • Allowing guests to manipulate parts of the exhibit
  • Involve physical activity
  • Promote social interaction with visitors
  • Provide goals for guests to accomplish

How these can be accomplished is a process that we’re excited to explore with you. Every museum has a unique atmosphere, genre, topic, and variety of exhibits that can benefit from guest participation, curating new experiences that last a lifetime.

Whether the goal is to educate or entertain, the implementation of interactive museum displays gives visitors a reason to visit again. Freedom of choice, interaction, and experience are defining aspects for impactful displays, registering your museum as one-of-a-kind with specialized solutions designed around what makes your environment unique. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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