How the Built Environment is Keeping Pace with the Digital World

From a historic building, a collegiate campus, an airport, a tourist town or hotel resort that spreads across expansive acreage, most every entity wants to capture, direct and/or engage their occupants, visitors and consumers. As technology continues to shape both the people, industries, and infrastructure we live within—augmenting processes, streamlining activities, and integrating innovations to […]

Bringing Immersive and Narrative Experiences to Life with Sound

Music and sound are integral parts of crafting an immersive experience, and Stephen Thomas Cavit, Composer and Principal for Iconic Music, Design & Consulting knows a thing or two about leveraging those tools. He’s engineered sound and music for a variety of themed properties, from Alien Versus Predator at Universal Studios Japan and Hollywood to […]

Experimenting with Technology without Chasing Trends

If there’s one skill we should all want to walk away with when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, it should be adaptability. Being flexible, resilient, and quick on our feet was more important this year than ever before. For Josh Goldblum, Founder & CEO of Bluecadet, these skills have always been top of […]

How Narratives Power Impactful Experience Design

On this episode of Experience by Design, host Bryan Meszaros welcomed Abigail Honor, Founder of Lorem Ipsum Corp, for a discussion on how growth in the field of experience design has made finding great talent simpler. Lorem Ipsum is a “multidisciplinary firm specializing in the planning, design and production of experiences.” That’s a broad definition, […]

How the Georgia Aquarium Made Waves During the Shutdown

  What happens when an educational non-profit institution finds itself faced with a sudden total shutdown of society amidst a pandemic? Jerry Harris, Director of Audio Visual at the Georgia Aquarium joined the show to talk about how technology kept the aquarium afloat. When the quarantine began, Jerry and his team were caught as unaware […]

The Rise of Experiential Retail

  On this episode of Experience by Design, host Bryan Meszaros was joined by Marcos Terenzio, Vice President, Creative & Strategy for iGotcha Media. iGotcha Media specializes in turnkey digital signage solutions, helping “brands tell powerful stories in order to create real human connections.” In practice, that means leveraging augmented and virtual reality, RFID solutions, […]

How AR and VR Will Change the Experience of Watching Sports

The sports fan experience has been evolving, with the help of technology, for years. This evolution has launched state of the art venues and novel ways to engage. However, the pandemic brings the fan experience to new territory. Bringing insights to the new fan experience are Amy Lukas, Partner, Director of Events, and Darlene Van […]

How a Music Tour Launched an Experiential Company

It’s all about the experience! That means being open to new technologies and design practices, but not necessarily abandoning the old ones. It’s not about labeling oneself as a designer or an integrator—rather, it’s about using the most effective tools and approach to solving the problems at hand. The end result is a carefully crafted […]

Episode 20: Advancements in Gesture Interaction w/ Meghan Athavale

Welcome to another episode of the Design, Culture, and Experience Show. I am your host Bryan Meszaros and today I am joined by Meg Athavale the Founder and CEO of LUMOplay an interactive software development agency. Discussion Topics: What is the history of LUMOplay, how and why did you start the agency? There is obviously […]

Episode 19: Reopening Strategies

Welcome to another episode of the Design, Culture, and Experience Show. I am your host Bryan Meszaros and today I am joined by a few good friends and respected industry colleagues. We always share and bounce our thoughts off one another but we took that a step further recently and teamed up to write an […]