Digital Kiosks

There’s a digital kiosk for every environment, and OpenEye Global will enable various features such as filtration, searching, comparisons, and more, so that visitors can easily browse your selection and accelerate their journey.

Chances are you’ve already become acquainted with the concept of a digital kiosk, but perhaps its full value hasn’t entirely been imparted to you yet. The manifestation of a physical space that elevates interactivity with your audience depends on curating an environment that engages with them.

Cardboard cutout signs and pamphlets don’t tend to get that job done because they lack the appeal, immersion, or multimedia design that digital signage provides. Creating meaningful connections with your target demographic means stepping out of the traditional retail space and embracing new, innovative technologies that capitalize on what makes people remember and return to your brand: experiences.

Digital Kiosks

Customer retention can skyrocket with the proper application of immersive technologies, creative design, and compelling aesthetics. If you can provide an experience that no other competitor can replicate, then you’ve established an invaluable piece of real estate within your target demographic’s mind. Gaining that foothold and fostering a relationship through meaningful experiences and interactions is essential for revamping how your brand is perceived and valued. You’re harvesting credibility and reliability through visual engagement and interactive storytelling.

People are social animals, and civilization is built on the back of generations of stories and relationships. OpenEye Global can be the critical component in creating those bridges within your company’s physical environment, augmenting storefronts in how they compel visitors to see your brand as a worthwhile of their time, energy, and investment.

How Are Digital Kiosks Best Used?

Most digital kiosks will have pre-defined purposes, making them ideal for delivering relevant information on virtually any topic pertinent to your organization. Among the few primary functions, digital kiosks are best used for:

  • Self-service
  • Informational
  • Product selection

These can highlight salient information about your service offerings, serve as an interactive map around your facility, or streamline visitor experiences by providing simplified ways to navigate and optimize experiences within your physical space. In many ways, the sky’s the limit.


A digital kiosk that provides self-service helps expedite customer interactions with your brand without relying on human resources to resolve frequently asked questions and issues. A self-service kiosk, as you might see in a fast-food restaurant, can be an immersive interactive experience that lets visitors choose relevant information and learn about your company’s offerings in a way that puts the power in their hands.


The sheer amount of topical data your brand has to share can be overwhelming, especially if delivered in blocky paragraphs that no one’s willing to invest their time in. Rather than force valuable deals or interesting facts onto reluctant visitors, an informational digital kiosk promotes a customizable environment that highlights relevant aspects of your company in easily digestible segments. With additional interactive functionality included, visitors can learn more about what you can offer through their own will and merit.

Product Selection

The sheer amount of materials your space might offer can cause confusion and indecision in even the most hardened customers. A product selection kiosk can help focus and compartmentalize everything your company has to offer. By enabling various features such as filtration, searching, comparisons, and more, visitors can easily browse your selection and accelerate their journey.

There’s a digital kiosk for every environment, and OpenEye Global has the skills necessary to integrate the best-fit solution needed for your brand. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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