Electronic Shelf Edge Displays

Patrons are more likely to make purchases when their environment actively engages them. Electronic shelf-edge displays do more than static solutions in attracting your consumers’ attention.

Many shoppers today are looking for instant gratification. They want to be able to find the product they want and purchase it as quickly as possible. Electronic shelf-edge displays can help meet this need by providing customers with information about what is on the shelves right in front of them. This can speed up the shopping process and make it easier for customers to find what they want. Additionally, electronic shelf-edge displays can provide valuable marketing information to store owners. By understanding how customers interact with these displays, store owners can make better decisions about which products to stock and where to place them. Overall, electronic shelf-edge displays provide several benefits that can improve the shopping experience for shoppers and store owners.

Electronic Shelf Edge Displays

While it’s clear how valuable digitally transforming your storefront environment is through electronic shelf-edge displays, following through on the plans is another issue entirely. What technologies are the most cost-effective for your needs? Where precisely should they be placed for maximum effect throughout your store? What information should be displayed? How can you exact the most value from your investment? OpenEye Global is here to assist you throughout the transformation process, leveraging years of real-world industry experience with experiential solutions and digital display technologies.

The Benefits of Integrating Electronic Shelf Edge Displays

We can start with the benefits that directly impact your customer’s experience. As the team at OpenEye Global will attest, improving the individual’s personal experience with your brand’s offerings is critical to achieving organic, palpable growth. Experience design is based on that philosophy, and by elaborating on your company’s core message through engaging, interactive mediums, you can create moments that matter and systematically expand your target demographic in the process.

Let’s put that aside for the moment. As beneficial as integrating electronic shelf-edge displays is for your patrons, extended benefits impact your budget, brand control, operations, labor efficiency, and profit.

Reducing Employee Reliance

Your employees are already busy with their duties at all times. Retail spaces are notoriously hectic, and adding on customers constantly flagging down your associates for assistance doesn’t help. Rather than hoist the burden of assistance on your workforce alone, allowing customers to curate their own experience streamlines the buyer’s journey without relying on employees to get the job done. This allows your crew to commit their attention to business-centric matters more efficiently.

Ease of Operations

Running around and changing your paper shelf-edge displays by hand is time-consuming and repetitive. An electronic shelf edge display can be remotely updated to reflect new information and products, quickly making necessary changes to streamline your company’s operations.

More Sales, Greater Profit

Patrons are more likely to make purchases when their environment actively engages them. Electronic shelf-edge displays do more than static solutions in attracting your consumers’ attention. With the addition of numerous features such as digital multimedia ads, promotions, recommendations, and visual aids, customers will be more likely to make impulse purchases and grow your profit margin.

These are just a few examples of what integrating electronic shelf-edge displays into your retail environment can accomplish for your brand. OpenEye Global can help you plan, source, strategize, and deploy customized digital solutions tailored to your brand’s needs, goals, and expectations. Visit our contact page or call (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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