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There are plenty of digital signage companies in Chicago, Illinois, but only OpenEye Global has the experience, skill sets, and passionate dedication to deliver superior solutions guaranteed to revolutionize your brand’s physical environment.

What’s the first thing your audience notices when they enter your store? Sure, they’ll notice your offerings, services, sales, and overall decor, but what sticks with them? It certainly won’t be the same bland layout that’s seen in virtually any other storefront they’ll walk into that day. The goal of an experience design agency is to breathe new life into your physical environment, merging the benefits of creative strategic design with technological innovation to create new experiences that entertain, engage, and convert visitors into brand advocates. By amplifying the impact you leave on the individual’s psyche through user-centric reinvigoration of your physical space, the longer you’ll hold their attention, and by extension the likelihood that you’ll grow your audience base will increase.

Experience Design Agency

The thing is, there are very few if any simple solutions when it comes to revamping your store’s physical space with digital signage capable of producing the level of traffic and appeal you’re looking for. Every LED screen, interactive board, and kiosk needs to tell a story, which means there are no generic, modular solutions that can be slotted in easily and called a day. OpenEye Global specializes in delivering custom-fit experience design solutions that evolve your physical space, leveraging the power of storytelling, design, and technology to deliver innovative customer experiences.

What Is Experience Design?

Put simply, experience design centers around a belief that every aspect of your storefront needs to serve a purpose for supporting, enabling, and guiding the visitor’s experience within your environment. When taken in conjunction with digital signage, that means implementing technological solutions that are suited to provide a variety of solutions and purposes, including:

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Interactivity
  • Engagement
  • Aesthetics

Prioritizing empathy, functionality, and ease of use creates a stable baseline to work off of when designing an effective digital signage exhibit, kiosk, screen, or interactive board. Visitors want to feel like they’re a part of your store rather than just a passer-by moving through a brief space. Making your brand memorable creates a connection that matters to people, immersing them in your persona and environment through attentive and adaptive signage solutions.

What Potential Does Experience Design Hold?

Let’s take a look at one of our successful projects with various clients who needed unique solutions to augment their physical space: Kravet.

Kravet is a 5th generation family-owned home textiles and furnishing brand, an industry that works primarily in very tactical and tangible materials. Visitors are people who work with their hands, designers who need a way to envision their projects and compare materials to find optimal selections.

Our solution was to create The Workspace. Now when designers enter the store, they can virtually examine their entire project through an interactive workspace and plan their next steps. A touch screen provides quick, interactive, and comprehensive tools to find, compare, and scan fabrics for easy comparison of relevant products, prices, and  color options at their fingertips. The final result is a frictionless environment that enables designers to find exactly what they need in a fast, efficient manner.

Our success with Kravet represents only one potential outcome for what a skilled experience design agency can provide you with. There are countless solutions waiting to be designed, and our team is eager to collaborate with your company through every step of the process. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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