Experiential Displays

OpenEye Global has honed the art of experience design to a science, providing dependable, high-yield results that acquiesce to your brand’s persona, vision, and goals.

Since the early days of retail, merchants have used displays to attract and engage customers. These days, as sales and marketing techniques continue to evolve in sophistication, traditional signage means of connecting with onsite visitors has grown less effective over time. The call for experiential displays has become more popular with various industries looking to branch out their engagement measures, ranging from retail spaces to hospitals to museums and beyond. Every brand has a story to tell and leveraging emerging technologies to more easily convey those stories results in a tangible ROI benefiting your company’s outreach, communication, and lead conversion.

Experiential Displays

The elevation of the customer’s experience to be, in many situations, more important than actually pitching your brand’s offerings has had a significant impact on how brands choose to interact with their target audience. A positive experience is a gateway to more interactions, closed deals, and brand advocacy without investing nearly as much into your sales and marketing campaigns. By curating the right types of customer experiences, they do the work for you.

People want to care about the organizations they’re giving their time and money to. Fostering that level of intimacy and genuine appreciation between brand and customer alike takes more than a few cardboard cutouts. OpenEye Global has honed the art of experience design to a science, providing dependable, high-yield results that acquiesce to your brand’s persona, vision, and goals.

Experience Takes Precedence Over Sales

While the notion that sales aren’t as important compared to the experience your customers have with your brand sounds somewhat counterintuitive, they’re inextricably intertwined in a way many people don’t appreciate. Without leveraging experience design tactics and strategies, most audiences are influenced to choose one brand over another by their understanding and familiarity with a particular brand’s offerings, interactions, and presentation. Essentially: positive experiences lead to increases in sales.

By prioritizing the individual experiences of your audience members, it becomes easier to organically direct more visitors to become brand advocates and finalize sales with your company. You’re incentivizing future interactions, providing a level of engagement that proves your company’s effectiveness, relevance, authenticity, and superiority compared to your competitors.

Let’s walk through how this might be represented using our work with Kravet as a benchmark. Kravet is a home textiles and furnishing brand for which we helped create an immersive showroom experience. Most of their customers are designers – they work with physical materials on projects that need a lot of planning and experimentation with new fabrics and other related materials.

When a designer enters Kravet’s store, finding the right products can be overwhelming, considering various options. The interactive pegboard that we integrated provides a mobile workstation where designers can virtually bring their projects to life, utilizing an immersive display experience to compare fabrics, find SKUs, arrange materials, and come to their own personally curated solutions utilizing an interactive technological solution designed to enhance the personal experience of every designer who uses it.

The power of experiential displays revolutionizes how brands can connect with audiences in ways that matter, maintaining authentic relationships built on understanding and familiarity. Because their needs were understood and accounted for, more designers that work with Kravet are given a reason to continue patronizing their business for present and ongoing projects. Visit OpenEye Global’s contact page or call us at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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