Immersive Experience

An immersive experience has to do more than throw up a compelling slideshow on a large video wall. To truly engage with your target audience, your integrated technology has to invite interaction.

Life is made up of defining moments experienced in clarity. Most days become memories that are soon forgotten; excerpts washed away in anticipation for something new. That in itself is significant competition for your brand. Finding a way to connect with your audience, to be ingrained as one of those few remembered moments, is the key to success. Brand awareness depends on its capacity to stick with an individual, giving them time and reason to be advocated by friends, family, strangers, and so on. Let OpenEye Global help you make a lasting impression and provide an immersive experience that creates an impact on your audience’s psyche.

Most storefronts keep their operations running on static properties. A billboard with interchangeable lettering, a cardboard sign boasting about the best deals, and information boards within your establishment to entertain and inform guests. The thing is, while these solutions are standard, they lack the appeal needed to make moments matter. OpenEye Global seeks to create an experience exclusively tied in with what your brand’s representation desires to be. How do you want to fit into the lives of your target audience? How can you capitalize on your services and products to tap into the core aspects of a visitor’s attention span? We can help deliver the type of digital transformation needed to produce the best results for your company’s needs.

Creating a Unique Experience

An immersive experience has to do more than throw up a compelling slideshow on a large video wall. To truly engage with your target audience, your integrated technology has to invite interaction actively. The best way to pique a visitor’s interest is by offering them a physical way to discover your brand’s offerings. An information kiosk that allows the user to personally select and arrange information about your company according to their interests is a straightforward way to accomplish this. Another is to utilize a profoundly unique approach to augment the visitor experience in new, innovative ways.

Let’s take our project with Kravet, for example. Kravet, a textile and furnishing brand, wanted to reinvent their physical space, so we got to work figuring out how to best connect them with their audience. Visitors tend to be professionals looking for materials to complement their work, so what better way than to create a virtual workshop for them to inspect, explore, and compare?

Voila: The Workspace. When a designer enters Kravet’s storefront, they can use a mobile pegboard to lay out their project inside the store. From there, they’re provided with a suite of options to amplify the shopping experience, allowing them to quickly find the exact material they need to fulfill their project goals. All on a virtual space, visitors can utilize Kravet’s pegboards to:

  • Scan and compare fabrics
  • Discover complementary materials
  • Find relevant products
  • View color options
  • See pricing

The result is an immersive, frictionless shopping experience that makes it easier for shoppers to find the exact materials they’re seeking. We took Kravet’s entire stock and made it extraordinarily accessible to all visitors, giving them a reason to remember and return when they need more products in the future.

OpenEye Global takes pride in our work. We’re a small team that embodies the best in diversity and skillsets to form a powerhouse creative team. Immersive experiences are our brand, and we believe every company can have its distinctive experience design solutions. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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