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OpenEye Global dedicates its time to providing every client  with an extraordinary experience, developing tailored technological and marketing solutions that perfectly align with your culture, expectations, and goals.

Selling a product or service isn’t about prodding the customer until they cave anymore. The element of persuasive work is still valuable, but the medium through which it’s channeled has changed over time with the emergence of new technologies and cultures. The internet has made incredible waves in how people relate to signage and storefront properties. With new competition being groomed each day, your physical spaces need a gripping overhaul attesting to new methods of connecting with your target audience. OpenEye Global is an interactive design agency that enables your company to push boundaries, making use of the latest technologies and design philosophies to cultivate a truly unique, engaging experience.

So if selling your product by plastering ads all over your store isn’t in vogue, what’s the alternative? That new route is through connecting with your visitors in ways that matter. Creating moments, making memories, and giving them a reason to remember your brand and become a returning patron is far more effective in growing your company than focusing on the short-term sale. Every environment is unique and creating an interactive experience centered around what makes your organization special is essential. OpenEye Global has partnered with many enterprising personalities and companies, ranging from Jimmy Kimmel to Madame Tussaud, in engineering an unbeatable experience.

The Fundamentals of Interactive Design

OpenEye Global is an experience design company, which means we focus on the holistic experience of the user rather than blasting every storefront with lots of advertisements that drag an individual’s attention toward a very specific goal. There are places for that sort of marketing, but our focus is more nuanced. The experience of the individual takes precedence, utilizing immersive technologies and user-centric strategies to blend creativity with tech.

It’s a broad definition, but that’s all the better for us. OpenEye Global makes use of a variety of specialized hardware and software to meet the desired solutions, including:

  • Digital kiosks
  • Digital signage
  • Interactive content design
  • Large-format displays
  • Dedicated information systems
  • Video walls
  • Indoor and outdoor screens
  • Pegboards

While experience design is the umbrella term for our company’s services, interactive design is a subset of that function for most of our work. You see, there’s nothing more engaging with a large demographic than physical interaction. A slideshow with compelling graphics and interesting information is great. Still, the same effect can be magnified if you allow the user to interact with the media itself, allowing them to curate their own personalized experience based on their needs and interests.

The users feel empowered. They’re in control of the information they receive, and by extension, what they find carries more value. Encouraging positive experiences starts by attending to each patron’s goals, offering them unique ways to obtain relevant data that will then inform your company with valuable analytics on what works and does not work with your audience. How this is accomplished varies between companies. It could be something as basic as a dynamic welcome sign to something as complex as a mobile interactive textile workbench.

The solutions will be uniquely yours. OpenEye Global is an interactive design agency that has dedicated its time to providing every client we partner with an extraordinary experience, developing tailored technological and marketing solutions that perfectly align with your culture, expectations, and goals. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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