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Kiosk information systems enable you to implement unique ways to educate, inform, and converse your audience in a way that engages them without compromising your core message.

Many of us were raised in systems that didn’t value how to best convey information in a way that genuinely reaches its target audience. These environments weren’t built with an appreciation for engaging with users, peers, and individuals in ways that mattered. People want to learn, but the vehicle that delivers the information is what counts in the end. Now, creating new methods for engaging with your audience through your kiosk information systems means implementing unique ways to educate, inform, and converse with countless people in a way that drives attention, learning, and engagement without compromising your core message.

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OpenEye Global provides essential creative design and implementation services that drive personalized solutions, adapting integrated, immersive experiences that connect with your audience.

Enhancing the user experience doesn’t stem from overloading your audience with mountains of dense material. Communicating in a way that immerses individuals with your company’s persona, services, and environment is a conclusion that needs both creativity and strategy to deliver the right solutions through suitable vehicles. How does that work, exactly? There are many ways, but the most effective route is by engaging with your target audience and maintaining their attention through interactivity.

Interactivity as the Frontier of Kiosk Information Systems

Kiosks are designed to provide a more intimate approach for your audience, something that’s easier said than done. Compact station designs that convey a variety of relevant information without over or underwhelming the user is tricky, especially if you’re working with small windows of availability.

Projecting slideshows may do the trick, but it lacks the personalization needed to form meaningful connections with your audience. Every kiosk has a pre-defined purpose, and adhering to that purpose through innovative means pushing your creative output. Kiosks tend to offer:

  • Self-service
  • Information
  • Product selection

Interactivity pushes a passive vehicle of information delivery into a proactive method for capturing your audience’s attention. OpenEye Global creates a space that invites the user to interact with your brand, augmenting the physical environment to become a malleable object capable of delivering high-relevancy materials curated by your audience’s preferences. Touchscreens, QR codes, SMS texting campaigns, and more elements feed user-centric design, each contributing an interaction that has authentic staying power, letting you tell a story that encapsulates their interests.

What Does Interactivity Look Like?

With every project we take on, OpenEye Global takes a comprehensive approach. This allows us to amplify personalization and helps us leverage the collaborative efforts of our clients and our team to pursue the best-fit solution.

Let’s take, for example, our client – Kravet. Kravet is a home textiles and furnishing brand that emphasizes design-heavy work. To engage with designers, we implemented a technological and design solution that brought their workspace to them within the confines of Kravet’s storefront. A mobile pegboard interface, available throughout the store, allowed designers to gain greater visibility into their projects and how their materials would contribute, prioritizing product discovery and research. At a touch, each customer could:

  • Scan textiles and find complementary materials
  • Scan SKUs to find relevant products, pricing, and color options
  • Expand capability to incorporate thousands of materials frictionlessly and efficiently

OpenEye Global’s kiosk information systems are in a league of their own, providing users with fully immersive experiences that keep meaningful moments in eternal suspension. If you’re interested in partnering with us, visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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