Retail Digital Signage

Retail digital signage can do more than just list deals and information – it can be used to curate specialized designer-centric environments that make moments matter.

People love interactivity, and a computer screen can only offer so much of that. With extensively immersive VR technology still decades off, the experience that online retail brands provide doesn’t have the same level of intimacy, personalization, or innovative appeal that can be accomplished in a tangible environment. OpenEye Global has spent years honing our craft, implementing and developing unique, creative retail digital signage that cultivates an entirely new experience for the user.

Retail Digital Signage

The dominance of shopping malls has come and gone. Innovations spurred by companies like Amazon and online optimization have cultivated dependency and preference for the conveniences of online shopping. Why waste the gas on a trip to a physical storefront when you can have what you need delivered to your doorstep? That being said, despite how many brand name companies like Victoria’s Secret, Toys ‘R’ Us, Hastings, or Sears have either closed entirely or cut back on their storefront locations, the appeal of the retail space hasn’t lost its luster yet. Even as shoppers flock to the digital sector to secure their retail needs, physical environments enhanced with retail digital signage are giving consumers an experience the online space can’t offer in the same way: immersion.

What Is Experience Design?

Let’s think back to scouting days when kids would sit around the fire while their leader told stories. In one scenario, the leader would tell an engaging story and end with applause. In another, the same leader told the same story but gave every single kid in the circle a role to play in it. Years later, which story do you think would be remembered and retold?

What’s the difference? Interactivity.

Engaging with your audience through the lens of a computer screen is limited. The lack of sensory input doesn’t commit to memory retention, making it challenging to distinguish your brand. What digital signage in retail can do is reinvent your physical environment and proactively engage with visitors, inviting them to curate unique experiences through tangible interaction.

Consider our work with Kravet. Textiles have always emphasized hands-on artistic expression, but few storefronts take advantage of how their space can influence and enhance the participant’s experience through integrated technology. Designers in a storefront have a project in mind, and from there, have to rely on their minds-eye and memory to gauge which fabrics will bring that extra measure of utility to their work.

OpenEye Global collaborated with Kravet to deploy a custom, unique solution to give designers a bit of an edge. Now, Kravet’s retail showroom has integrated mobile Pegboard tablets that can be moved at the user’s whim to fit their needs. These boards have everything the designer can need through a virtual workshop, allowing them to display information about textiles, compare fabrics, note digitized elements, and organize their selection to what is called for in their projects.

The work that OpenEye Global is doing to reinvent retail spaces is well documented. Retail digital signage can do more than just list deals and information – it can be used to curate specialized designer-centric environments that make moments matter. How experience design can bring innovation and creativity to your physical storefront is only limited by imagination. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.

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