Touch Screen Kiosk

Every company has its own style, voice, and personality. It’s evident in what you offer to your customers and how you present your brand through marketing campaigns. A distinctive brand is a successful brand, and OpenEye Global wants to see you thrive.

Interaction is, and always has been, the center point of engagement. Customers want to participate, and an opportunity for them to personally take part in cultivating their own experience plays a tremendous role in their reception of your brand’s persona. With every button press on a touch screen kiosk, your audience forms a deeper connection with your brand, turning random bystanders into brand advocates. Engineering an environment that fosters this type of interaction starts with a simple question: how does interactivity play into your physical storefront’s space?

Touch Screen Kiosk

Every company has its own style, voice, and personality. It’s evident in what you offer to your customers, how you present your brand through marketing campaigns, and even decided by your phrasing. A distinctive brand is a successful brand, and OpenEye Global wants to see you thrive. Our real-world experience working with numerous brands has afforded our team a uniquely qualified level of expertise for delivering optimal user-experience solutions. It’s not enough to include touch screen kiosks in your physical spaces – you have so much more to consider if you want to extract the maximum possible value from your investment. Everything counts, and implementing creative design philosophies with proven technological integration strategies is what we do best.

What Does It Mean to Create Meaningful Experiences?

Every company has a story to tell. Communicating that story in a way that resonates with your target audience can be tricky, especially if your only way to showcase that is through a bunch of cardboard cutouts of a campy mascot. While rebranding will always be something in every enterprising company’s future, it shouldn’t be your go-to solution for taking a fresh approach with your audience.

The medium through which visitors absorb your brand’s persona, from your in-store standees to your internet marketing campaigns, influences how they perceive and accept you. Some companies take the humorous approach, others heartwarming, some even guilt-trip. What matters is how these brands enhance retention with their audience, keeping the persona active well past any brief encounter. Longevity, retention, memorability – staying in the mind’s eye matters.

As new technologies are developed, companies can integrate them into their physical environments with the potential for new, exciting ways for digital solution providers like us at OpenEye Global to reach out to visitors. The integration of a mobile digital workspace for designers to bring their projects to the store for comparison and adjustment redefines storefront experiences. Visitors interacting with turtle conservation and rehabilitation exhibits offer new and fresh perspectives. These memories stick with the people that matter to your business.

Interaction Is the Future

The implementation of touch screen kiosks might not be as advanced as other digital signage solutions. Still, it’s an effective, cost-efficient solution for broadening outreach, streamlining sales, and reducing overall expenses. Visitors can cultivate storefront experience to their personal preferences, augmenting their environment through touch screen technology to find the information most relevant to what they’re looking for. There’s no extra reliance on hiring more sales personnel, current employees can prioritize business-critical tasks, and customers get exactly what they need on their own merit.

Touch screen kiosk solutions have benefits that dramatically alter how your brand communicates with your audience. Let OpenEye Global determine how best to integrate them with your storefront locations. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (732) 407-5018 for more information.


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